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HPR1000 (Hualong One) is a proven, safe and economically advanced PWR nuclear power technology that is independently developed by CNNC, incorporating its 30 years of design, engineering and operation experience. The technical solution of HPR1000 (Hualong One) has adopted the design concepts of active and passive. It has passed the GRSR International Atomic Energy Agency.


No. Type of power plant Unit Parameters
1 Nominal Electric Power MWe ≥1200
2 Designed Lifetime Year 60
3 Refueling Cycle Month 18
4 Plant Availability ≥90%
5 Unplanned Automatic Scrams 1 / Year <1
6 Daily load following capacity peak Yes
7 Peak Ground Acceleration g 0.3
8 Core Damage Frequency 1/reactor year <1×10-6
9 Large Release Frequency 1/reactor year <1×10-7
10 Occupational Exposure Dose Person per Sv/reactor per year <1




Seismic input with peak ground acceleration of 0.3 g

Commercial aircraft crash

Protection against Large Commercial Aircraft Crash
APC shell protection (for Reactor Building, Fuel Building and Electrical Building containing MCR) Physical separation of redundant systems (for Safeguard building)

Plant emergency

Additional emergency water makeup and associated interfaces Improvements of power supply:SBO (Station Black Out) generator Extension of nonintervention period


Improvements of power supply: Station Black Out(SBO)generator
More conservative seismic margin
Habitability and availability of emergency facilities
Spent fuel pool monitoring and cooling
Extension of nonintervention period
Additional emergency water makeup and associated interfaces