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No. Design Description Unit Parameters
1 Nominal Electric Power MWe ≥670
2 Designed Lifetime Year 60
3 Refueling Cycle Month 18(with capability to extend to 24 months)
4 Plant Availability % ≥90
5 Peak Ground Acceleration g 0.3
6 Core Damage Frequency 1/reactor year <1×10-6
7 Large Release Frequency 1/reactor year <1×10-7
8 Occupational Exposure Dose m Sv/reactor year <0.5
9 Operator Nonintervention Period Minute >30
10 Plant Autonomy Period Hour 72


Single-unit Layout


Double-Shell Containment

  • Inner shell

    Inner shell

    Prestressed reinforced concrete with a leak-tight steel liner inside High tensile strength

  • Outer shell

    Outer shell

    Reinforced concrete Withstanding large commercial aircraft crash

  • Annular space

    Annular space

    Keeping negative pressure Collection and filtration of the leak


Beyond-Design-Base-Accident(BDBA)/Severe Accident(SA) Prevention and Mitigation

Phenomena Containment failure
Containment failure Hydrogen Detonation Containment Hydrogen Combination System
High Pressure Molten Corium Ejection, Direct Containment Heating, Induced SGTR Fast Depressurization System for RCS
Long Term Overpressure Containment Filtration and Venting System Passive Containment Heat Removal System
Basement Melt-through Reactor Cavity Injection and Cooling System

Station Blackout Passive Residual Heat Removal System of Secondary Side

Other Measure RPV High-point Venting System, Habitability Design of Main Control Room, SAMG and etc.

Feedbacks from Fukushima Accident

Protection against External Events