CNNC makes its debut at Uzbekistan Energy Week

Date:2024-05-17 Source: Author:英文站点管理员

From May 14th to 16th, at the invitation of the Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, Mr. Yu Jianfeng, Chairman of CNNC, participated in Uzbekistan Energy Week activities and attended the plenary session. He was interviewed on hot topics such as future trends in nuclear energy development, CNNC's development experience, international nuclear energy cooperation etc.

During the event, Chairman Yu Jianfeng visited the "Atoms for Future" themed exhibition booth of CNNC with Jurabek Mirzamahmudov, Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, Mikhail Chudakov, IAEA Deputy Director General and Azim Akhmedkhadjaev, Director of UzAtom Agency. The Minister learned about the ACP100 advanced technology and other industrial developments of CNNC.

This marks CNNC’s first participation in Uzbekistan Energy Week. Invited by Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy, CNOS participated in the exhibition and showcased the content of ACP100 and ”nuclear energy plus” industrial chain, which highlighted its unique advantages in participating in international cooperation. The exhibition attracted nearly a thousand visitors to the booth, who appreciated CNNC’s efforts and achievements in global nuclear power development.