CNNC provides nuclear energy solutions for global energy transition

Date:2024-04-26 Source: Author:英文站点管理员

"Currently, the world economy is gradually recovering and the energy industry is accelerating its green and low-carbon transition. Developing nuclear energy has become a broad consensus of the world," said Yu Jianfeng, chairman of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), at the 26th World Energy Congress (WEC) held in Rotterdam on April 22-25.

WEC, the global energy event with longest history, is held once every three years. This year's congress marks its 100th anniversary and is hosted by the World Energy Council. CNNC attended this year's congress, showcasing China's latest technological achievements and solutions in fields such as clean energy.

Deeply engage in the transformation of the international energy governance system and promote global nuclear energy development

"As a promoter and practitioner of global nuclear energy development, China attaches great importance to the development of nuclear energy and promotes the safe and orderly development of nuclear power," said Yu at the themed side meeting held by CNNC. He also elaborated on the crucial role of nuclear energy in global energy transition and introduced China's outstanding achievements in nuclear energy development.