The China-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School Was Successfully Held in CNOS

Date:2023-11-09 Source: Author:英文站点管理员

To share China's experience in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, the China-IAEA NEM School held the 2023 Nuclear Energy Management training course at CNOS from October 23rd to November 3rd, 2023.

The two-week Nuclear Energy Management School was attended by 39 participants from 23 countries. IAEA has sent six officials and experts to give on-site lectures. On the basis of fully adopting the core and compulsory courses of IAEA, the training specially designed courses with localized characteristics, including technical visits to research institutes, universities and nuclear power plants. The training played a positive role in promoting nuclear international cooperation between China and other countries.

From 6th to 17th December 2021 and from 17th to 28th October 2022, the two online NEM Schools were successfully held, which were widely praised by the IAEA and 160 participants from 22 countries, including Argentina, Pakistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana etc.